Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are accepted by renter when making a reservation and when a reservation has been confirmed by Bon Casa Bonaire. 
In these conditions ”I” refers to the renter. When the word “villa” is used it also applies to apartments and studios if an apartment or studio is rented. 

  1. Renter uses rented property at his own risk; hold harmless statement 

By making the reservation for the villa I acknowledge that the use of the villa and its inside and outside facilities including the garden, the pool, the pool deck, the gazebo and the access to the sea (if applicable to my reservation) will be entirely for my own risk. I therefore hereby accept any and all risks of injury (to or death) of myself, my family and my guests during my stay in the villa and/or while using the facilities of the villa. In accepting the risk of injury (and death) as described above, I understand that I am relieving and will fully indemnify and hold harmless the owners of the villa (and in case the villa is owned by a company, also the ultimate beneficial owner) and/or Bon Casa Bonaire and/or its employees for and from any loss, costs, claims, damages and liabilities for personal injury or death arising from or connected with my rent and/or use of the villa, or any of its inside or outside facilities. This hold harmless obligation also applies to my family and guests and I will see to it that they are informed about these general conditions. 

  1. Renter is liable for damage caused to rented property; USD 750 deposit 

By making this reservation I further acknowledge that i will be financially responsible for any and all damage caused during my stay to the villa, its interior or its (inside and outside) facilities (including pool, pool deck, garden and gazebo, if applicable to my reservation) regardless whether such damage is caused by myself, my family or my guests. I agree that any damage to the villa and/or its contents and/or its (inside and outside) facilities caused by me, my family or my guests will be charged to my credit card. I agree that an amount of USD 750 can be reserved by the rental agent on my credit card upon my arrival as deposit for possible damage caused by me or my family or guests, notwithstanding the entitlement of the owner to claim its actual loss and or damage from me. Additional costs, such as additional cleaning costs due to excessive dirt, may also be deducted from the deposit. 
Bon Casa Bonaire will release the hold on the credit card within fourteen days after the stay, subject to deduction of any damage/additional costs. If the deposit is insufficient to cover the damage and costs, Bon Casa Bonaire shall charge additional damage and costs to the tenant afterwards. 

  1. No liability for owner of rented property or rental agent; hold harmless statement 

In accepting the risk of damage to the villa and its interior and facilities as described above under 2, I further understand that the owner of the villa (and in case the villa is owned by a company, also the ultimate beneficial owner) and/or Bon Casa Bonaire and/or its employees are not liable in case of loss and/or damage to any item owned by me, my family or my guests, no matter the location of the item or the cause of the loss and/or damage. This includes items stored in the safes (if applicable to my reservation). Theft of or damage to any item belonging to me, my family or my guests is not covered by the owner’s liability insurance so I understand that I will have to arrange for my own insurance. Any items left behind will, at my request, be sent to me at my expense. 

Furthermore, I understand that the owner of the villa (and in case the villa is owned by a company, also the ultimate beneficial owner) and/or Bon Casa Bonaire and/or its employees are not liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by (temporary) power failures, (road)repair or nearby construction nuisances,  or by technical failures of the equipment of the villa (which will be repaired as soon as reasonably possible) or for any other force majeure incident. I cannot claim restitution of the rental amount. 

  1. Payment terms 

I agree that I must pay 50% of the rental price to confirm my reservation. I accept that this 50% down-payment is non-refundable, whatever the circumstances. I accept that payment must be made by wire transfer and any and all banking fees are for my own account. Failing timely receipt of the 50% by the rental agent, my reservation is automatically cancelled. The remaining 50% will be received via wire transfer and not later than 60 days before start of the rental period. This amount is also non-refundable. I accept that there will be no reminder of my payment obligations by rental agent, that all banking fees are for my own account and I understand that I am responsible for timely payments. In de event a payment due is not receive in time, Bon Casa Bonaire reserves the right to send a notice and charge additional administration/collections costs of fifteen percent (15%) of the amount due. If payment is still not received within 30 days before arrival date, Bon Casa Bonaire reserves the right to cancel the reservation, in which case the cancellation terms apply. 

I accept that I must deposit USD 750 in cash or via bank transfer and I understand that I get no access to the rented property if no deposit is made. 

All prices on the website of Bon Casa Bonaire, on Social Media, in advertisements, in the booking modules, quotations and confirmation letters are in US Dollars, unless otherwise agreed upon and specified. 

        5. Cancellation by renter 

1. Renter is at any time allowed to cancel the reservation or to appoint a substitute renter under the condition that Bon Casa Bonaire explicitly agrees with the substitution. 
2. In case of substitution of renter, the substitute renter and the original renter are jointly and severally responsible for payment of the remaining total amount due to Bon Casa Bonaire.  

3. A cancellation or request for substitution needs to be done in writing (per email) to Bon Casa Bonaire and is only valid after confirmation by Bon Casa Bonaire 
4. In case of cancellation of a reservation, renter is required to make payment of: 

  • fifty percent (50%) of the total reservation amount in case of cancellation until four 60 days before the starting date of the lease period; 
  • hundred percent (100%) of the total reservation amount in case of cancellation within 60 days before the starting date of the lease period; 

       6. Cancellation and change by Bon Casa Bonai 

1. Bon Casa Bonaire can cancel or alter the lease agreement between owner/rental agent and renter at any time in the event of: 

  • force majeure, which includes but is not limited to situations of war, strike, natural disaster, extreme weather conditions, fire, death of the owner/lessor, unannounced sale of the property and/or occupation of the accommodation by a new owner, et cetera; 
  • serious and – after being warned by Bon Casa Bonaire or owner – continuing nuisance for the environment/neighbors by renter and/or other users or if the renter and/or other users do not treat the accommodation as befits a good renter. 

2. In the event one or more of the abovementioned reasons occur, but are not due to negligent or culpable behavior of the renter and/or other users, Bon Casas will – to the extent possible – try to offer an alternative accommodation to lessee as soon as possible. If no alternative offer can be made, or if lessee does not accept the offered alternative, the total amount paid to Bon Casa Bonaire by renter will be refunded. 

3. Bon Casa Bonaire cannot be held liable for any other damages and/or costs due to cancellation or change of the rental agreement. 

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction 

By making a reservation I acknowledge that any dispute related to my stay (and that of my family and guests) at the villa and/or any claims as described above and/or any other matter related to my stay and/or reservation are exclusively governed by the law of Caribisch Nederland and that the court of Bonaire is exclusively competent to decide on any such disputes. 

  1. Renter provides for own insurance 

I understand that, in view of clauses 1—3, I will need to take out my own insurance for accidents and or damage or loss that may occur during my stay and that of my family and guests. I understand that, in view of clause 4, I will need to take out my own insurance in case I have to cancel my reservation since there will be no refunds in case of cancellation, regardless of the reason for cancellation. 

       9. Reservations 

Bon Casa Bonaire only processes reservation orders from persons of eighteen years of age or older. Consequently, reservations made by persons younger than such age are invalid. 
A reservation is valid from the moment that Bon Casa Bonaire receives a down payment for the amount due. A confirmation of receipt of payment will be send to the email address provided by me. 
I understand that I am responsible to verify after receiving confirmation of my booking, if all reservation details are correct and complete and to inform Bon Casa Bonaire within 7 days about any inaccuracies. I do not have the right to make any claim based on inaccuracy in the reservation if I did not inform Bon Casa Bonaire within the stated period. 
If I wish to modify the reservation, Bon Casa Bonaire is free to decide whether and to what extent they will accept modifications. Modification fees may apply. Without stating its reasons for doing so, Bon Casa Bonaire reserves the right to reject or to impose special conditions on non-standard reservations, particularly group reservations. 

Sub-rental is strictly prohibited. 

        10. Accommodation 
Bon Casa Bonaire will make any effort to have the villa ready for check in at 3pm but cannot guarantee. Checkout time is at 10.00 AM, unless otherwise agreed to by the rental agent. 

The villa must be left broom clean on the day of departure, which must at least include: clean dishes, trash taken out and floors swept clean. 

Total number of occupants in the villa will not exceed the quoted number unless agreed, this includes myself, my family and my guests. If there appear to be more occupants nonetheless, then Bon Casa Bonaire has the right to deny me and my guests’ access, or to charge an amount per day for each additional person. The amount of this additional charge equals the additional charge for an additional person that would be charged when booking the villa in question. 

The villa is non- smoking and pets, parties and loud music are not allowed, unless otherwise agreed upon with Bon Casa Bonaire or homeowner. 

I will follow the instructions on the use of the villa and its equipment as set out in the instruction booklet or explained to me (if applicable to my reservation). 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances or sale of the rental property, Bon Casa Bonaire can re-accommodate the guests in a property of equal or more value, at the same cost to the guest. 

Bon Casa Bonaire will try to schedule maintenance outside rented periods as much as possible. If maintenance must be carried out during a rental period, Bon Casa Bonaire or the designated maintenance person/company can enter the property during the guest’s stay to allow maintenance work to be done. 

Lost or damaged keys or remotes (gate/alarm) will be charged.