About us

Welcome to Bon Casa Bonaire.

We like to offer everyone a “Bon Casa on Bonaire = good home on Bonaire” hence our name. We rent out both vacation and long-term locations on Bonaire. For one a wonderful vacation location, for the other a more permanent home on our beautiful island.

We offer a variety of luxury villas with a private swimming pool, with or without a sea view, spacious apartments in the center of town, but also smaller cozy apartments and houses at various locations. Our motto is to offer the best for everyone’s budget.

The personal attention and holiday or living pleasure of guest or tenant is paramount. We offer an all-in service so that you can enjoy a carefree stay. We are also happy to help you rent a car, a dive package,  a private chef or arrange a well-stocked fridge upon arrival. 
In addition to rental, we also offer tailor-made property management services. 
A house on Bonaire is a dream for many, but there is also a lot involved, much has to be done when you are not there yourself. Then it is neccesary to have a reliable partner on Bonaire who takes care of everything for you.

We can be that partner for you!

We take care of everything and are your eyes during your absence and we offer all possible services and assistance. Whether it’s only the management of your property during your absence or also the whole renting out- and guest relations process, we also supervising renovations or making your project ready for business. We are happy to help you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know how we can be at your service.